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How to take care of your de Lana

Except for a significant stain, a garment made of natural fibers is rarely washed. In addition to its moisture and temperature-regulating qualities, it also neutralizes odors. However, it is best to air them out away from direct sunlight. But if, unfortunately, a stain has made its way to you, here are our tips


By hand in water at less than 30 °C with a neutral soap and without fabric softener. If you only wash a small stain  you can try to remove it by brushing it but never rubbing it.Other option : dry cleaner


Never tumble dry. Let it dry flat on a towel to help absorb water in a cool spot in the shade.


Pilling is the natural process of the wool. Use a cashmere brush and brush it softly when dry to make it look fluffy again. Don't shave if it pills slightly on some places, brush it! PS : a nail brush is also okay to do so or click here to buy ours.


Don't hang them. Your knitted friends don't like to stay on hangers they prefer to be stored folded in a dry place.


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